Cosmetic Teeth Bleaching

Smile Cosmetic Teeth Whitening is much more than a luxury item. In many, many cases they are the best choice to correct teeth discoloration  problems quickly in a few short treatments. iSmile Beauty & Cosmetics can prevent cavities and actually eliminate the need for crowns! They are a much faster fix than any kind of tooth paste or dental office teeth whitening procedure. Many times, for less money than braces!

That is why you need the cosmetic artists at iSmile Beauty & Cosmetics.  Our iSmile techs are certified skilled and then rigorously trained to meet iSmile's ultra high standards. Our techs do Teeth Whitening daily everyday saving our patients thousands of dollars in cosmetic dentistry.

Whatever the reason you choose iSmile Beauty & Cosmetics will leave your smile intensely bright. iSmile Beauty & Cosmetics takes years off your appearance, they improve the way you are perceived, and change the way you feel about yourself and you'll usually see a difference in a matter of minutes. Many of the most beautiful people in Texas are choosing iSmile Beauty & Cosmetics over plastic surgery and dental office  whitening because of the dramatic difference we make in price and convenience in procedure. There is also no pain or sensitivity involved, and we set a treatment plan to get your smile its brightest.

Appointment Expectations

The night before: Brush teeth and gums gently. The goal is to avoid micro-abrasions along the gum line which can lead to sensitivity. Skip flossing.

The day of your appointment: Do not brush 4 hours prior to appointment. If your appointment is in the afternoon, use care with morning brushing as described above.

To avoid excessive dry mouth along the gums and lips, your whitening professional will offer you a vitamin E balm to apply immediately prior to your procedure. This can be used post procedure for extra moisture.
For the first 24 hours after your whitening: Restrict the diet to “All-white” diet. Avoid red wine, coffee, tea, colored sodas, dark meats, dark veggies, and staining sauces such as tomato sauces, ketchup, mustard, barbecue. Anything that would stain a white T-shirt is off limits!!

Eat meats such as chicken, pork, or turkey. Other acceptable options include pasta, white sauces, white cheeses, potatoes, grits and our favorite...VODKA.

For the first 48 hours after your whitening: Brush your teeth and gums gently with a plain white paste. No “whitening” or baking soda pastes. Do not use blue or red toothpaste.

We offer a comprehensive Aftercare Regimen to maintain and continue to lift the toughest stains.