The Truth About: Sculptice (Ice & Wood Therapy)

Many of us are hitting the gym and following weight-loss tips to feel confident and fit for next summer. Sometime, however, stubborn areas of fat that just won’t go away no matter how hard we try. Contouring and sculpting procedures like Ice & Wood Therapy are this winter’s biggest beauty hack to look slimmer and more toned by next summer. Sculptice is a short, non-surgical, treatment that sculpts, tones, and removes stubborn fat that diet and exercise just can’t eliminate.

That being said, Sculptice is such a unique procedure, which creates some misconceptions about the process. Let’s explore this procedure and find out what makes it one of the most widely successful non-surgical treatments for fat removal with lipo like results in 2018.

Myth #1 – “I don’t have time to get procedures like Sculptice.”

Sculptice is not like other fat removal procedures. It’s a series of 45 minute long procedures with no recovery or downtime. As soon as the treatment finishes, you’re ready to go about your daily activities. 3 Days serve as a waiting time before your next appointment! It is the easiest procedure to fit into your busy schedule.

Myth #2 – “I can’t handle the pain.”

While everyone is different, most people numb 10-15 mins into the treatment. But all of these are minor feelings that go away after only 25 minutes! At the end of the procedure, all patients describe the experience as “well tolerated, but cold.”

Myth #3 – “Procedures like Sculptice are risky.”

Actually, it is one of the most widely known non-surgical treatments for fat removal. It is also clinically tested and FDA-approved for top safety standards. Although other laser treatments can cause side effects, that is not the case for Sculptice. The 100% organic technology of Sculptice penetrates through the skin, only affecting fat cells. Fat cells happen to be more sensitive in changes to temperature than other cells in your body so, when you cool them, the water in them expands, breaking the cell. These cells then pass out of the lymphatic system.

Myth #4 – “It’s just not for me.”

Sculptice works on any body or skin type and the process is customizable. It can be used on various areas such as the abdomen, flanks, back, under the chin, and on the inner and outer thighs. The procedure has over a 90% satisfaction rate! You’ll be sure to love the results.

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