Sculptice by Ania Botero

Body Procedure

Unlock your bodies true potential with one of the most advanced, holistic and organic approach and non surgical lipo-like treatments available. Our specialist will help you create a personalized plan for your specific body type and goals. Remove stubborn diet-and exercise -resistant fat from your problem areas; muffin tops, bat wings, back rolls, thunder thighs, No Downtime, No Needles, No Cutting or Surgery with dramatic inches and weight loss as soon as the 1st session.

Rewind by Hard Body Studio

Facial Procedure

Tightens your skin and rejuvenate sagging areas in and around your face with radio frequency technology provides amazing and truly natural looking results. Rewind by Hard Body Studio rejuvenates your face, restoring your youthful, natural appearance helping to revitalize your social and professional lives. It’s your turn for the non surgical specialist at Hard Body Studio to deliver a individually customized and near permanent solution to eliminate wrinkles, sagging neck skin, hanging cheeks and droopy eyes-all NO DOWN TIME.

Hard Body Brazilian Butt Lift/Breast Lift

Teeth Whitening

Skin Love by Hard Body Studio


Mommy Makerover