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Welcome My Beautiful Loyal And New Clients. Thank You For Making An Appointment with Me. I am Here To Make You All Feel Beautiful help you meet your weight loss and body enhancement goals without the need for surgery! I am A Licensed & Certified Body Specialist With A Specialty In Non Surgical Weight loss and Body Enhancements Based in Fort Worth, TX Operating Out Of Salon World 5288 Trail Lake Dr. ( If You Have Trouble Finding Salon Please Text And I Will Send You My Location)


Upon Arrival Please Let Me Know You Are Here And Take A Seat Outside In the lobby. No kids will be allowed to wait unattended in the lobby.

Due To Limited Space In My Suite I Ask That You Please Come Alone. NO Friends, Children, Boyfriends, Boos or Baes LOL

For Scheduling And Time Purposes Please Come atleast 10 minutes before your appointment.


Your $25 Deposit Will Be Deducted From Your Service The Remainder Must Be Paid In Cash ONLY.

Deposits Are Non-refundable PERIOD!!!! If You Are Unable To Make Your Appointment Please Notify me Within 24hrs Of Your Appointment And Your Deposit Will Be Credited To Your Next Service. Late 15 mins or more and you will be charged a $50 fee. Failure to reschedule without 24 hour notice regardless of the reason will also result in a $50 fee.

No Refunds

Any special is a Trial Version you will have the opportunity to add a treatment plan to your package in consultation.

⭐️All clients are asked to drink a liter and a half of water prior to and after their appointment

⭐️ NO Credit Check Financing is available to everyone. Just put down 15% on your overall treatment price to begin.

⭐️Waist Trainers are required if you DO NOT have one we have them available for $55 please notify me in consultation

⭐️ The treatment plan provided must be followed completely unless otherwise stated by Gina, regardless of what you are already doing at home. It is advised you stop your home regimen.

⭐️ Inner Circle OPEN UP every ✨ 2 MONTHS ✨

⭐️Gina does travel: Fort Worth=$10 per session, Dallas =$25 per session all other cities please inquire via text.

⭐️Prices: Gina’s programs are very affordable and can fit into anyone’s budget from students to professional business people. We invite you to schedule a consultation for your  no-obligation consultation, so that we may assist you in your weight loss goals and present the current options available to you.

There is no set fee for your program because all of our programs are individualized and based on your specific needs. At the time of your consultation we will determine which program best fits your particular situation. Because the cost of the program varies with each individual, we recommend that you come in so that we can evaluate your needs and give you an exact price for the program.

⭐️Specials: If you come to Gina using a special please note that all specials are only Trials though you may see results, you wont see the full results without joining the inner circle. Additional treatment options will be given to you at the time of your 1st scheduled session to include a treatment plan, if declined fees will remain at full price should you decide to add to your package later.

⭐️A service with Gina may take up to 1hr. So please give your self a 1 hour window . She DOESN’T RUSH ON ANYONE . If You Do Have An Important Engagement Please Let Her Know Upon Your Arrival And we will Attempt To Accommodate You.