Hardbody Teatox

Hardbody Teatox

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Everyday we retox our bodies and deter it away from its most natural alkaline state.  Unfortunately, our bodies are negatively impacted by this and over time not being able to perform at its optimal best can lead to severe chronic diseases.   


From the triclosan in our toothpaste, aluminum in our deodorant,  to the chemicals, preservatives, and artificial flavors in our food- unfortunately we have been unknowingly retoxing our bodies for years and this must change!  


The Hardbody Teatox is all-natural blend of essential herbs designed to help our body reach its most alkaline state by gently flushing harmful toxins, parasites, and chemicals from the upper and lower intestines, colon, liver, and even assists with stubborn weight loss.

  • Cleans colon, liver, and removes toxin from the body

  • Helps body achieve most natural alkaline state

  • Natural fat burner

  • Targets waistline 

  • Helps remove toxins and parasites from the body

  • Extracts acid from the body

  • Anti aging benefits-clearer skin.

  • You can use each tea bag 2-3 times!

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